Email marketing is a powerful way to increase brand awareness, engage your subscribers in the way they want, improve customer retention and ultimately increase revenue. This all takes a professional Switchback approach to apply multiple email strategies for the most successful way to your highest ROI.

Subscriber Data

One of the most essential steps to successful email marketing is knowing who and what your marketing to your audience. Your data starts with knowing how and where to collect the data that drives professional email marketing. Data capture can start from the moment someone subscribes or how subscribers engage with your brand, but it’s essential to collect the correct data as you grow your subscribers organically.


After identifying how and what data you’re going to collect, it’s now time to focus on creating segments (groups) that your subscribers will fall into. This will allow you to send customized and targeted content to different parts of your database, resulting in better engagement and drive overall trust, which means more ROI!


An automated email will be your most powerful type of email marketing based on the lifetime value they provide. They are the “set it and forget it” campaigns that can be triggered every day. They are tailored solely on the specific data you collect during the engagement a subscriber takes with your brand. This could be a series of lifecycle campaigns to a single confirmation email. These campaigns will also see the highest open and click rates due to how targeted and segmented they will be.

One-time Campaigns

From eNewsletters, ePostcards, promotions to alerts or updates, these are the most common email campaigns in the industry. With the overwhelming use of this type of marketing, you’ll see lower engagement, but they are also an essential part of a Switchback approach to successful email marketing. They are the quickest and easiest way to connect with an entire list of subscribers yet still provide a high-value touch with every campaign.

Design and Layout of Templates

A professional email template design drives the effectiveness of you standing out and keeping your subscribers anticipating your next campaign. Switchback focuses every template design specifically on your brand to create your subscriber’s experience as professional as all your digital presence. From an HTML start to an entire browser template testing process, your template design is ensured to render across all inboxes with a focus on subscriber engagement.

Inbox Deliverability

Taking a professional approach to email deliverability is focusing on an initial authentication set up before sending and adhering to the strict laws of email marketing and privacy. Beyond that, there are several ways to continually improve deliverability that every Switchback client is guided through. From the volume of targeting your subscribers to the cadence or every campaign you send, it’s important to establish a best practice for the highest inbox deliverability.

Measuring for Success

One of the core advantages of email marketing overall digital marketing is the unique ability to track and identify revenue or goals to specific strategies. Success isn’t always about revenue so to track it accurately takes a wide range of metrics. From basic engagement to open and click rate, you find your strategies are not complete until you have reviewed whether or not you hit your objectives.

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