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Switchback Email Marketing

A comprehensive approach to Email Marketing
  • Brand Awareness

    Driving brand awareness through email marketing is about staying in front of subscribers when your brand is not top of mind. The more subscribers are exposed to your brand, imagery, messaging, and overall education of what you stand for, the more likely those subscribers will remember you when it’s time to make their following online action.

  • Drive Qualified Traffic

    Email marketing strategies that focus on driving qualified traffic guide subscribers to a specific landing page, blog, social, or particular lead capture forms. These campaigns encourage subscribers to take specific actions such as viewing specials, learning about events, inquiring, making an online purchase, or engaging with your brand.

  • Increasing Revenue

    Focusing email marketing specifically on driving revenue helps drive subscribers to an easy and trusted way to complete an online purchase. Tracking conversion-focused campaigns offer the most specific goals and metrics that can provide the best way to show the highest return on investments.

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