Email marketing is a powerful tool for growing your brand awareness, engaging your subscribers and improving customer retention to increase revenue. The Switchback Email approach utilizes multiple targeting strategies to ensure you get the highest ROI possible.

Subscriber Data

Successful email marketing programs rely on two key components, knowing your product and knowing your audience. No one knows your product like you, but Switchback makes gathering insightful information about your subscribers effortless. Data capture can start from the moment an individual subscribes or through engagement with your brand, but it’s essential to collect the correct data as your email needs grow. Our professional data collection methods streamline this process to give you the highest quality user data.


After identifying how and what data you’re going to collect, we further refine your datasets by creating segments (groups) that your subscribers will land in. This will allow you to send customized and highly targeted content to different divisions of your database, resulting in better engagement and drive overall trust, which means a greater ROI!


An automated email is your most powerful type of email marketing based on the lifetime value they provide. These “set it and forget it” campaigns can be triggered as often as you like and save you time while maintaining an active position in clients’ minds. Switchback’s personalized automated emails are tailored solely on the specific data you collect during the engagement of a subscriber with your brand. Create a series of lifecycle campaigns or single confirmation emails that will, through specific targeting, enjoy the highest open and click rates.

One-time Campaigns

It is no mystery that the most ubiquitous email campaigns in the industry are eNewsletters, ePostcards, promotions, alerts and updates. These campaigns are the quickest and easiest way to connect with an entire list of subscribers while still providing a high-value touch with every campaign. While the overwhelming volume of this type of email produces less engagement, the broad reach keeps this an essential part of the Switchback approach.

Template Design and Layout

Switchback tailors every template design specifically to your brand to create an experience as professional as the rest of your digital presence. Our team works hard to ensure your template design will render perfectly across all inboxes and exceed your expectations. A professional email template design is key to your business standing out and keeping your subscribers anticipating your next campaign.

Inbox Deliverability

Switchback takes a professional approach to email deliverability by focusing on an initial authentication set up before sending any emails. We aim to continually improve deliverability by guiding all clients through several proven methods and best practices including campaign cadence and segment selection. We carefully adhere to the strict laws of email marketing and privacy because we believe in giving your clients the respect they deserve.

Measuring for Success

A core advantage of email marketing over other digital methods is the ability to track revenue and progress of goals for specific strategies. Success isn’t always measured in simple terms like revenue so access to a wide range of metrics can give deeper insight to the client perspective. We provide everything from basic engagement to open and click rate to help illuminate opportunities that may be missed and review whether or not you hit your objectives.

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