It Starts with a Partnership

Working with Switchback Email, vacation rental managers can plan and create consistent campaign strategies with support and additional training included at no extra charge.


Fully Branded Email design and marketing strategy

Drive engagement through Switchback’s white-label marketing approach to showcase the manager’s brand through custom vacation rental templates.


Streamline capturing guest and subscriber data

Simplify building a targeted audience from data captured through website forms and guest reservation data.



Targeted campaigns powered by segmentation and personalization

With organized data, vacation rental managers now have the power to send customized and targeted campaigns resulting in better engagement, overall trust, and higher return on investment.


Guide guest journeys through automation

Educate guests through the life-cycle journey with personalized automated emails that provide everything from vacation tips and savings to anniversary reminders and property review requests.


Reach the highest ROI by tracking and measuring for success

The ability to identify and track revenue and goals through data-driven strategies is a key advantage of email marketing.

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